Suresh, V.

BPCL, Mumbai, India

V. Suresh holds a graduate degree in chemical engineering and has worked for 33 yr within Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd.’s Mumbai Refinery. His work has spanned various sectors, including technical services, optimization and operations, and control and optimization of refinery process units. That focus includes AspenTech’s DMC3 and the RMPCT of Honeywell Advanced Solutions. Mr. Suresh is jointly responsible for the implementation of APC in all of the refinery’s process units.

Advanced process control for unsteady-state operation: A lesser-known technique

A goal of all process industries is to run the plant in a steady-state zone of operation, improving optimization and control, and producing more benefits.

Automation: Significant improvement of soft sensor estimation by automation in bias correction

The main objective of any industry is to operate as close as possible to the point where profits are maximized.