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Oki, M.

Chiyoda Corp., Yokohama, Japan

Masaaki Oki is the Chief Coordinator for Hydrogen Supply Chain Development at Chiyoda Corp. in Yokohama, Japan. He has been in a business development role in the H2 supply chain business since 2019. His assignment has included promotion of Chiyoda H2 transport technology business (SPERA), as well as responsibilities for the world’s first global H2 supply chain demonstration project between Brunei and Japan. He was also the Lead Project Engineer for the Brunei hydrogenation plant. Prior to joining the H2 business team, Mr. Oki was Lead Process Engineer for an LNG receiving terminal project. Previous to that assignment, Mr. Oki supported Japan Methane Hydrate Operating Co. Ltd. in the development of methane hydrate technology. Mr. Oki holds BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Kansai in Japan.

Advances in chemical carriers for hydrogen

Chiyoda Corp.: Schneider, R. V.  |  Kurosaki, D.  |  Oki, M.

Is hydrogen the fuel of the future?

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