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Colannino, J.

ClearSign Combustion Corp., Seattle, Washington

J. Colannino is the CTO of ClearSign Combustion Corp., a developer of emissions control technologies for industrial, commercial and utility markets. The company’s Duplex solution optimizes flame shape and heat transfer in combustion systems to significantly and cost-effectively improve the key performance characteristics of boilers while mitigating the formation of harmful pollutants.

New burner structure targets significant NOx reduction

ClearSign Combustion Corp.: Colannino, J.

Delek US comprises both refining and logistic segments.

Utilize distal flame architecture to decrease NOx emissions in combustion systems

ClearSign Combustion Corp.: Colannino, J.

In part, the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels is responsible for significant gains in both the quantity and quality of life, and we burn these fuels more cleanly now than at any time in history.

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