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Colannino, J.

Contributing Editor, San Diego, California

Joseph Colannino is a registered chemical engineer in the state of California. He has more than 30 yr in the HPI/CPI and specializes in leading process teams to profitable innovation. He has more than 100 patents pending and granted, and many of his innovations are still in revenue-producing service. Mr. Colannino has authored or co-authored several books in combustion, pollution control and experimental design. He was formerly head of research and development for John Zink Co. LLC, and CTO for a Seattle-based startup. Now CEO of Colannino Consultants, he consults in pollution control and teaches industrial courses on process optimization, improving R & D structure and output, and the art of technical presentation and communication. He received his BS degree in chemical engineering from the California Polytechnic University at Pomona and holds an MS degree in knowledge management from the University of Oklahoma with an emphasis in leading research organizations. A spreadsheet containing all the calculations discussed in this article, as well as additional explanatory text, is available from the author by request at colanninoconsultants@gmail.com.

Optimize processes with a spreadsheet

Contributing Editor: Colannino, J.

Hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI)/continuous process improvement (CPI) processes are often characterized by complicated kinetics and simultaneous heat and mass transfer.

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