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Jazayeri, B.

Contributing Editor, Irvine, California

Behzad Jazayeri is a subject matter expert with more than 40 yr of experience in process engineering, technology development, process scaleup, and applications of fluidized beds and gas-solids systems. He has performed more than 50 techno-economic analyses and has designed 30 pilot plants and first commercial plants using fluid beds, 15 of which were built and operated. His background includes bio-conversion, coal gasification, chemical synthesis and polysilicon.

Design and scale-up of gaseous Group A fluid bed systems for chemical synthesis

Contributing Editor: Jazayeri, B.

More than 100 fluid bed reactors for chemical synthesis and comparable processes using Group A powders have been installed and operated successfully since the late 1940s, with some reactors having an inside diameter at much larger than 7 m (23 ft).

Diagnostics tools and techniques for large-scale operating fluidized beds

Contributing Editor: Jordan, S.  |  Jazayeri, B.

Intrusive and non-intrusive diagnostic tools and techniques for fluidized bed reactors are discussed here, with a focus on chemical synthesis catalytic reactions.

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