Nambiar, D. K. R.

Engineers India Ltd., New Delhi, India

D. K. R. Nambiar is assistant general manager in the R&D division of EIL. Dr. Nambiar is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology at Bombay, with a PhD from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. At EIL, he has been associated with the establishment of a CFD facility at the R&D center in Gurgaon. The facility is used to execute projects for both in-house and external clients.

Boost capacity of SRUs with mixing devices for oxygen enrichment

The requirement for additional sulfur recovery unit capacity in a refinery may stem from hydroprocessing operations; a refinery expansion project; a shift from lighter to heavier, sourer crudes to improve margins; or the need to remove extra sulfur content to meet tighter environmental regulations.