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Singh, S. R.

Engineers India Ltd., New Delhi, India

Sheo Raj Singh is a graduate in chemical engineering from IIT Kanpur. He joined EIL in 1981 and holds the position of head of R&D. During his long association with EIL, he has been involved in developing and implementing several process technologies and computational tools to improve the design and operation of industrial processes.

Boost capacity of SRUs with mixing devices for oxygen enrichment

Engineers India Ltd.: Rajasekhar, M.  |  Thakare, V. D.  |  Srivardhan, G.  |  Jayanti, V. K.  |  Nambiar, D. K. R.  |  Singh, S. R.  |  Shukla, V.

The requirement for additional sulfur recovery unit capacity in a refinery may stem from hydroprocessing operations; a refinery expansion project; a shift from lighter to heavier, sourer crudes to improve margins; or the need to remove extra sulfur content to meet tighter environmental regulations.

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