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Rispoli, G.


Giacomo Rispoli is Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management and Supply and Licensing for Eni Refining and Marketing. He joined Eni’s Refining and Marketing division in 1986 after spending 5 yr working as a process engineer. He has held numerous positions in Eni including: Executive Vice President of Industrial Project Initiatives and Asset Portfolio Development (2014–May 2015); Executive Vice President of Research, Technological Development and Projects (2010–July 2014), where he was responsible for the implementation of the first EST industrial unit in the Sanazzaro refinery and the conversion of the Venice refinery into a green refinery; Director of Research and Development (2006–2010) of the EST and other innovative technologies; President and CEO of the Gela refinery and Manager of the Venice refinery (2004–2006). Mr. Rispoli holds a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Convert the heaviest fraction of the barrel into valuable products

A proprietary slurry technology<sup>a</sup> represents an innovation in residue conversion and unconventional oil upgrading, and marks a step change in the treatment of the heavy end of the barrel.

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