Takahashi, H.

Fuji Oil Co., Chiba, Japan

Hideaki Takahashi is a Supervisor for the Technical Service Section of Fuji Oil’s Sodegaura refinery. Mr. Takahashi has been leading process engineers in the area of CCR Platforming, xylene, sulfolane, dealkylation, naphtha and gasoil desulfurization units for the past 4 yr. He joined Fuji Oil in 2008 after he graduated from Akita University, Japan with an MS degree in chemical engineering.

Improve CCR reforming profitability using a novel high-density catalyst

Takahashi, H., Fuji Oil Co.; Nakamura, Y., Nikki-Universal Co.; Chang, J., Honeywell UOP

Catalytic reforming has been a staple in petroleum refining since 1949.