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Kline, A.

IGS Environmental, Richmond, Virginia

Andrew Kline is the Business Development Director for the IGS Environmental Services group and specializes in SCR efficiencies in emissions control applications. He has more than 8 yr of experience with improvements in SCR applications, ranging from product development to engineering. Mr. Kline graduated with honors from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Engineering.

Case study: SCR catalyst plugging

IGS Environmental: Kline, A.

Hydrogen (H<sub>2</sub>) reforming is a process to produce H2 from a compound composed of H<sub>2</sub> atoms. A convection pass is used to heat the process during reforming, which creates nitrogen oxides (NO<sub>x</sub>). The NO<sub>x</sub>-rich flue gas passes through a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reactor before being exhausted into the atmosphere.

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