Katyal, A.

Independent Researcher/Inventor, New Delhi, India

Amit Katyal is an independent inventor and researcher based in New Delhi, India. He has designed and developed the EQ-COMP VLE software, which is the result of more than 15 yr of continuous research in the field of vapor-liquid equilibrium of hydrocarbon/oil and natural gas mixtures and involves extensive software development work to automate the calculations. Mr. Katyal earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. He has 25 yr of experience in the hydrocarbon sector in diverse segments, such as research, operations and technical services. In addition to EQ-COMP, Mr. Katyal has developed other software for the hydrocarbon sector, including HYD-PREDIC, LIQ-PROP, BUBBLE-SIM and MIX-CP. He has also invented four technologies for water treatment and the hydrocarbon sector. The author can be contacted at amit@eq-comp.com.

Accurate prediction of phase equilibrium properties—Part 1

Katyal, A., Independent Researcher/Inventor

Phase equilibrium properties, such as bubble-point, hydrocarbon dewpoint, water dewpoint, phase envelope, two-phase compositions, compressibility factor, hydrate equilibrium properties, etc., for hydrocarbon mixtures have been calculated accurately using the Peng-Robinson cubic equation of state by implementing constant and temperature-dependent binary interaction parameters in the Van der Waals mixing rule.

Horizontal distillation column technology

Katyal, A., Independent Researcher/Inventor

Gas-liquid contact operations are required for the separation of mixtures based on differences in the chemical properties (volatility, solubility, etc.) of various components.