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Johnstone, A.

Ithaca Energy, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Alex Johnstone is a Process Engineer with 15 yr of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has worked in upstream operations in California and the UK North Sea, focusing on optimization and continuous improvement. In his current role, Johnstone is responsible for the decarbonization of supply, positioning Ithaca Energy as a leading low-carbon producer.

Data, algorithms and collaboration combine for machine-learning success

Seeq: Venkat, A.  |  Zakeri, S.  |  Disantis, J.
Ithaca Energy: Johnstone, A.
allnex: Martin, J.

Process manufacturers are investing significant resources in machine-learning (ML) to increase reliability, profitability and sustainability in their operations—saving millions of dollars in short periods of time through increased efficiency.

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