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Kadikar, R.

ITT Corp., Vadodara, India

Ratnakar Kadikar is Global Manager, Materials for ITT Corp. Industrial Process Group. He provides metallurgical and materials technology for ITT Corp.’s business, as well as technical support to ITT customers and product specialists. He has more than 21 yr of experience in corrosion monitoring, corrosion evaluation, material selection, failure investigation, heat treatment, micro-structural analysis and training on metallurgical aspects. He has also worked in corrosion loop risk-based inspection study, integrity operating window, cathodic protection, painting/coatings and residual life assessment of static equipment. Mr. Ratnakar holds BS and MS degrees in metallurgical engineering. He is a qualified NACE International Senior Corrosion Technologist and is API 571/API 653 certified.

Is coating required on stainless-steel components?

ITT Corp.: Kadikar, R.

Stainless steel is a generic term used for a large group of corrosion-resistant alloys containing at least 10.5% chromium (Cr), and possibly containing other alloying elements like nickel (Ni), molybdenum (Mo), manganese (Mn) and nitrogen (N).

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