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Kurukchi, S.

Janus Technology Solutions LLC,

Sabah Kurukchi is Chief Technology Officer of JANUS Technology Solutions LLC. He has more than 40 yr of process engineering experience in separation processes, acid gas and contaminant removal systems, fractionation and fractionation towers. Dr. Kurukchi has authored numerous patents and papers. He holds a BSc degree in chemical engineering from London University, UK, and a PhD in distillation from Loughborough University, UK.

Remove carbonyls from gaseous hydrocarbon streams for ethylene plant service

Janus Technology Solutions LLC: Gondolfe, J.  |  Kurukchi, S.

Within the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI), particularly the petrochemical sector, there remains an irritating series of reactions associated with acid gas removal (AGR) using dilute caustic soda—namely, aldol condensation reactions and their respective products.

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