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Millinger, G.

MAVERICK Technologies, Columbia, Illinois

Greg Millinger manages MAVERICK’s Enterprise Integration Professional Services Group, which specializes in production execution, work process management and manufacturing intelligence systems. He earned BCh and MS degrees in computer science from the University of Alabama. After serving in the US Navy, he worked for a number of systems integration firms, progressively advancing to senior management positions. Greg’s primary focus has always been manufacturing systems software development, which brought him to GE. He spent almost nine years in various business and technical leadership roles there, where his work led to two patents for work process management systems designs. He joined MAVERICK in 2015.

Improve plant work processes with enhanced alarm response programs

MAVERICK Technologies: Millinger, G.

One of the unfortunate realities of automation in process industries is the stubborn inability to improve on the weakest link of the chain: human beings.

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