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Benintendi, R.

Megaris, Ltd., Reading, UK

Renato Benintendi has 35 yr of experience in process technology, environmental engineering, loss prevention and process safety. He holds an advanced degree in chemical engineering from the University of Naples in Italy and an MS degree in environmental management. A Fellow of the IChemE, Mr. Benintendi is the International Strategy Manager of the Project Evaluation Laboratory for the University of Salerno in Italy, a scientific collaborator at the physical chemistry Department of the ULB University of Brussels in Belgium, and a principal consultant in process safety and loss prevention at WOOD in Reading, UK. He has published more than 40 international articles and a book on process safety calculations.

When toxic risk cannot be prevented, mitigate consequences of H2S with fluid curtains

Megaris, Ltd.: Benintendi, R.

Toxic risk preferably should be controlled according to Kletz’s inherent safety principle, which consists of some preventive golden rules, notably <ital>minimize, substitute, moderate</ital> and <ital>simplify</ital>.

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