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Gorin, A.

Pall Corp., DeLand, Florida

Andrew H. Gorin is a Vertical Sales Manager for Pall Corp.’s fluid technologies and asset protection group and has been with Pall Corp. for 20 yr. He has held multiple commercial leadership positions, including Refinery sales leader for the Americas, Global Sales Leader for hot gas filtration systems and industrial water treatment systems, and sales director for oil and gas/refining. Mr. Gorin shares his expertise in refinery applications and metal hot gas filtration systems by providing customer seminars and internal training sessions at Pall Corp. He earned a BS degree in materials engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA degree from the University of Tennessee.

Improve kerosene mercaptan sweetening with fluoropolymer-cartridge liquid-liquid coalescers

Pall Corp.: Wines, T. H.  |  Gorin, A.
Honeywell UOP: Rios, J.  |  Trucko, J.

Many refineries are experiencing new problems related to the formation of stable emulsions and poor separation due to the increased use of lower-cost opportunity crude oils that have a high total acid number (TAN), higher gravities and more sulfur content.

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