Davies, J.

Permasense, Horsham, UK

Jake Davies led the operational testing of the Permasense system at BP refineries from the outset, and subsequently Permasense’s commercial deployment of the system at refineries and upstream assets around the world. He combines a deep understanding of ultrasonic physics with a track record of satisfying the needs of the diverse teams within an oil and gas environment that play a role in specifying, installing and operating corrosion and erosion monitoring systems. Dr. Davies holds a PhD from Imperial College London, an MEng degree from Oxford University and an MBA degree from The Open University.

Continuous corrosion monitoring of crude overhead systems

Davies, J., Permasense

The growing availability of light tight oils (LTOs) is resulting in a choice for refiners between upgrading metallurgy or chemical inhibition and corrosion monitoring to manage the increased corrosion risk. With tight budgetary constraints in place, many oil companies are opting for chemical inhibition and online corrosion monitoring.