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Lin, M.

Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, SINOPEC, Beijing, China

Lin Min is a professor and principal investigator of HPPO processes and catalysts at RIPP, SINOPEC. Dr. Lin has more than 20 yr of experience in zeolite-based catalyst synthesis and catalytic oxidation process exploration at an industrial scale.

Efficient and robust hydrogen peroxide propylene oxide (HPPO) process

Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, SINOPEC: Xia, C.  |  Lin, M.  |  Zhu, B.  |  Peng, X  |  Luo, Y.  |  Shu, W.
Changling Petrochemical Co. Ltd., SINOPEC: Li, H.  |  Wang, W.

Propylene oxide (PO) is an important organic building block in industry and is used to manufacture polyether polyols, unsaturated resins, nonionic surfactants and carbonates.1,2,3

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