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Al-Malki, M. A.

Saudi Aramco, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

is a process engineer for Saudi Aramco and the supervisor of planning and accountability units, where he is in charge of leading a group of professionals to prepare business plans, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and evaluate and control fiscal performance. Mr. Al-Malki has been in the oil refining business for 10 years, working in different processing units, including hydrocracking, hydroprocessing and reforming. As a planning engineer, he has also been responsible for evaluating operation levels and production targets. Mr. Al-Malki holds a BS degree in chemical engineering.

Test run with sales gas feed in a traditional H2 plant

Saudi Aramco: Yeh, G. J.  |  Al-Malki, M. A.

A conventional hydrogen (H2) plant in a Middle Eastern refinery was designed to produce 75,000 normal cubed meters per hour (Mnm3/hr) of H2 product with 95% purity with plat offgas feed (platformer offgas mixed with hydrocracker offgas).

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