Zuber, L.

Sulzer Chemtech Ltd., Winterthur, Switzerland

Laurent Zuber heads Process Innovation and Technology Management at Sulzer Chemtech Ltd. in Winterthur, Switzerland. He joined Sulzer in 1995 as a Process Engineer for chemical and petrochemical separation units, and has held different positions in application management. He has a special interest in advanced distillation solutions and difficult product separation. Dr. Zuber holds a PhD in chemical engineering from the Swiss Institute of Technology of Zurich.

Investigations of high pressure drop observed in ASU columns

Xu, F.-J., Zhou, F.-H., Cao, Z.-M., China National Air Separation Engineering Co.; Yang, Q., Zuber, L., Sulzer Chemtech Ltd.; Dong, J.-J., Sulzer Chemtech China

The measured pressure drop of columns in air separation units (ASUs) is often reported as being higher than the predicted pressure drop.