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Mahraz, K.

Swagelok Co., Solon, Ohio

Karim Mahraz is Product Manager, analytical instrumentation for Swagelok Co. He is responsible for growing sales of all existing analytical instrumentation products, as well as strategic development of future growth initiatives in this key product segment. In his 12 yr with Swagelok, Mr. Mahraz has also served as the Product Manager of general industrial valves and regulators and held roles in manufacturing engineering and custom solutions. He earned a BS degree in electromechanical engineering and an MBA. The author can be reached at karim.mahraz@swagelok.com.

Improve grab sampling results and enhance analyzer accuracy

Swagelok Co.: Mahraz, K.

Accurate laboratory grab sampling is a delicate process, requiring operators to follow sound best practices to ensure accurate analyzer measurements.

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