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McKnight, C.

Syncrude Canada Ltd., Edmonton, Canada

Craig McKnight has worked at Syncrude Canada for 29 years. During that time, he has been responsible for research projects in all areas of Syncrude’s upgrading operations. In 1998, he was seconded to Syncrude’s upgrading expansion project and worked on flowsheeting options and economics. Mr. McKnight returned to research activities in 1999 when he was seconded to ExxonMobil. There, he was named “Innovator of the Year” for his work on sulfur removal from gasoline. He is working to improve fluid coker, LC-Finer and naphtha recovery unit operations. Mr. McKnight graduated from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada in 1987 with an MS degree in applied science.

Experience with naphtha in sour water emulsions generated in a fractionator overhead accumulator

Syncrude Canada Ltd.: McKnight, C.  |  Rumball, B.

A number of conversion processes, both hydrogen-addition-based and carbon-rejection-based, crack heavy oil into lighter hydrocarbon products.

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