Zardynezhad, S.

TurboTech Consulting Corp., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Shahab Zardynezhad is a registered Senior Mechanical Engineer, and a certified API inspector for rotating equipment, with more than 29 yr of experience working on many oil, gas and petrochemical projects. He has experience in engineering; procurement services; manufacturing; shop/field inspection; installation; commissioning; startup; reliability; and the maintenance and operation of pumps, compressors and turbines. Mr. Zardynezhad earned a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Petroleum of Iran, along with MS degrees in industrial engineering from the Iran University of Science & Technology, and in project management and mechanical engineering from the University of Calgary.

Double-suction centrifugal compressor in ethylene plant inlet piping design

Zardynezhad, S., TurboTech Consulting Corp.

Centrifugal compressors are designed with different suction nozzle orientations and impeller layouts in casing.