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Martin, A.

Valero Energy Corp., Pembroke Refinery, Wales

Andrew Martin is a senior process engineer with Valero Energy Corp. He has five years of experience as an engineer in the Pembroke refinery as part of the process engineering and advanced control teams. He also spent three years in the power generation sector, where he was a performance and commercial engineer as part of the operation and commissioning team for the Pembroke combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station. Mr. Martin has developed advanced control applications for steam and utility plants and led process optimization for gasoline blender and CCGT power station operation. He has experience in power station commissioning, energy markets and multiple DCS platforms. He holds an MS degree in chemical engineering from Cambridge University, where he attended Queens’ College.

Utilize an optimizer to blend gasoline directly to ships

Valero Energy Corp.: Scriven, W.  |  Martin, A.  |  Seiver, D. S.

A new control system and single-blend optimization system make it possible to blend gasoline directly into tanker ships for delivery, rather than only into tanks, thereby saving millions in capital and reducing product giveaway.

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