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Russell, T.

Wasson-ECE Instrumentation, Fort Collins, Colorado

A passion for analytical instrumentation and a wealth of troubleshooting and business skills make Theresa Russell a valuable member of the Eclipse Process GC team at Wasson-ECE Instrumentation. Dr. Russell earned a PhD in biochemistry from Colorado State University and has expertise in biomarker discovery using tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). As a patent-holding research scientist, she has contributed 14 peer-reviewed publications to the body of scientific knowledge in proteomics, infectious disease, cancer and diagnostic development. At Wasson-ECE, Dr. Russell contributes to the business side of science with technical writing, product management, business development and marketing.

Monitor ppb monomer impurities and catalyst poisons with process GC-MS

Wasson-ECE Instrumentation: Wasson, J.  |  Russell, T.

Competition in the ethylene market is fierce and demands for the quality of the ethylene are increasing. High-purity monomers are used to make polyethylene and polypropylene, the polymeric building blocks for two important plastics.

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