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Migliavacca, J.

Wood Group Mustang, Houston, Texas

is a process engineering manager who works within the downstream process engineering group as part of the Process Plants and Industrial business unit. He has been a dedicated and valued part of the Wood Group Mustang (WGM) team for the past 16 years. His valued experience ranges from grassroots refinery studies to detail design of refinery process units. Mr. Migliavacca’s refining experience includes crude and vacuum units, gasoline and diesel hydrotreating, alkylation, catalytic reforming, and delayed coking. He holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Alkylating refinery-grade propylene offers processing opportunities

Wood Group Mustang: Migliavacca, J.  |  Glasgow, I.  |  Davis, E.  |  Palmer, R. E.  |  Kasliwal, D.

The propylene in this stream from FCC and coking units can be combined with isobutane in an alkylation unit to yield a high-value gasoline blending component—alkylate.

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