Shire, T.

Yokogawa Corp. of America, Northwich, UK

Tim Shire is the Vice President of Energy Transition at KBC, a Yokogawa company. He began his career as an engineer in utilities design for an EPC company, before joining KBC in 2006, where he worked initially as an energy efficiency consultant. Mr. Shire has worked on a range of projects in oil refining, petrochemicals, gas and LNG worldwide. From 2014, he led KBC’s consulting innovation program and was a product manager for KBC’s suite of energy software. In his current role, Mr. Shire is focusing on digitalized solutions to address the changing energy landscape. He holds BCh and MS degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Adapting and prospering in the energy transition

Hasegawa, K., Shire, T., Yokogawa Corp. of America

The energy transition is gathering momentum as pressure from society leads policy makers and investors to demand faster and deeper cuts to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from all industrial sectors.