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March 2006 Designer Diesel



Fuels customised for the city, the climate and the marketplace

There are so many benefits to having a standardised, commoditised, swappable, deliverable, uniform quality of diesel in Europe that you wonder why anyone had the idea to be different. Diesel manufactu..

Zero tolerance requires faultless around-the-clock operation

Troubleshooter Koenraad Herrebout and his 20-strong expert team, are finding that producing zero-sulphur fuels means faultless 24/7 operation. Here, the Head of Technical Assistance at Europe's larges..

European fuel quality snapshot

Fuel quality legislation in the EU today: In 2006, legislated diesel fuel quality in Europe has the following parameters: minimum cetane of 51, maximum density of 845kg/m3, a 95% distillation point of..

A potted history of boutique diesels in Europe

The story of Europe's boutique diesel market begins back in the 1970s and in the frozen north. The fact that Europe is cold up there means that there could never be just one diesel grade. The challeng..

Boutique diesel in the on-road market

E. BENAZZI and C. CAMERON , Axens Worldwide demand for diesel fuel in 2005 is expected to be 22.8 Mbpd: on-road, 12.6 Mbpd and off-road,10.2 Mbpd. The distribution of on-road diesel usag..

Diesel market development 2001–2004

  These data represent the latest information on reported diesel sales volumes in the European Union, including 2004 data for the ten new memb..

V-Power and Shell's quest to be a different kind of best

  Photo C. Watkins   On a wild and wintery afternoon, when it felt as if the Irish sea were about to come through the Stanlow refinery..

Case study of V-Power diesel trials in The Netherlands

Shell Nederland launched Shell V-Power Diesel during September 2004, six months after a V-Power gasoline was introduced. The company makes its offer to customers on the following basis: A new premiu..

Profile: BP Ultimate Diesel

Marketing 'Europe's first' premium performance diesel

European transport fuel sales


If large-scale GTL diesel is the future, it was born here

In response to the world's accelerating demand for energy and more stringent environmental legislation, Shell embarked in the early 1970s on extensive research to develop alternative sources of energy..

Leading UK biofuels retailer moves into manufacturing

A subsidiary of the growing independent fuels group Greenergy International will operate a new rapeseed methyl ether (RME) biofuels plant situated near the ConocoPhillips and Total refineries at Immin..

SunDiesel - second-generation biodiesel backed by oil and car companies

Choren's so-called "SunDiesel" is a bold venture to commercialise second-generation biofuels technology, which has won investment and technology support from Shell. Although Ch..

NExBTL: A biofuel for sensitive city environments and the premium quality market

Neste Oil's Business Development Manager for biofuels and components, Raimo Linnaila, says the company watched carefully the development of the biofuels directive in Europe. "When the first draft was ..

Biofuels on the rise but questions remain

The European biofuels industry may be a young one, but it has been in a vigorous growth stage. The EU estimates that biodiesel production capacity increased by 35% between 2002 and 2005. It may now ha..

DME – the diesel alternative which is easy to dismiss, but hard to beat

Dimethyl-ether (DME) is a product which is better known today as a propellant for hairspray than as a fuel for heavy duty vehicles. DME's advocates point to its clean-burning properties, exceptionally..

A dramatic and dynamic decade for diesel production

Who could have imagined as we celebrated the new millennium that these ten years would find European diesel manufacturing at the heart of such fundamental political, economic and environmental upheava..