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September 2008


Special Report: Refining Developments

Dealing with increased hydrogen sulfide and ammonia resulting from higher desulfurization severity
Thiosolv LLC: Anderson, M.C.

New process most-effectively stretches sulfure recovery capacity

Optimize fuels blending with advanced online analyzers
Refinery Automation Institute, LLC: Barsamian, A.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages from this technology

Integrating biofuels in refinery optimization models
SynergOil S.P.R.L.: DePlaen, A.

Have a full economic representation without significantly increasing complexity

Rethink desalting strategies when handling heavy feedstocks
Baker Petrolite Corp.: Bieber, S.  |  Kremer, L.

Oil sands based crudes bring extra processing challenges for crude units and wastewater treatment plans

Crude preheat energy management leads to sustainable energy savings
Nalco Company, Energy Services Division: Mason, B.  |  McAteer, G.

Four case studies reveal that by outsourcing their preheat monitoring, refiners can achieve substantial benefits regardless of unit charge rates or types of crudes processed

Upgrade hydrocracked resid through integrated hydrotreating
Axens: Cavallo, E.
PKN Orlen SA: Januszweski, D.  |  Putek, S.

This refiner processed an exceptionally difficult feed and wanted to increase light products production with minimal modifications and costs

Improve sulfiding of hydroprocessing catalysts
The Lubrizol Corp.: Roberts, C. D.

An alternative safer, easier method to activate catalysts


Caustic injection relocation project

Corrosion and fouling in the second preheat exchangers were eliminated

Engineering Case Histories

Case 46: Rotary screw compressor failure
Consulting Engineer: Sofronas, A.

Most complex equipment can be simplified

Safety/Heat Transfer

Tower pressure relief calculation
Petrofac Engineering & Constructions: Rahimi Mofrad, S.

A practical, less-complicated method for different emergency cases


HP Control: Alkylation product separation control
Petrocontrol: Friedman, Y. Z.

People do not speak much about advanced process control (APC) of alkylation product separation. Why? Precise product separation is crucial to alkylation unit economics. Alky reactor effluent is separa..

HP Reliability: API-682: the internal clearance issue
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

 While the operating characteristics and run-length capabilities of all dual-mechanical seals are strongly influenced by the condition of the fluid in the sealing cavity, seal life expectancy is ..

HPIn Europe: As tanks roll, would Europe's T. Boone step forward?
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Wright, Tim L.

Last month, I wrote my column on the day of the launch of T. Boone Pickens' 10-year plan for a less energy-dependent America. This was followed a week or so later by Al Gore's challenge to the US to a..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Outlook upbeat for continued growth in DCS demand
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

Despite global economic uncertainty, the market for process manufacturing and automation remains strong. This is especially evident in the global distributed control systems (DCS) market, which grew b..

HP Associations: HPIn Associations

Words of wisdom from API's retiring chief Red Cavaney is stepping down later this fall from his position as president and CEO of the American Petro..

HP Innovations

'Revolutionary' portable video borescope GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies has released the XL Go VideoProbe. Weighing only 3.8 lb, it is claimed to be the most portable, lightweight, high-resoluti..

New Developments

Defense against harmful alarm system changes Auditing alarm settings identifies discrepancies between a known good alarm profile and a current profile. This ensures that you, your site, your business ..

HP Construction: North America
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

CB&I has a contract in excess of $100 million with a major North American refiner to design and build a sulfur processing complex. This project was awarded in the second quarter of 2008 and is schedu..

HP Construction: South America
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

Venezuela and Ecuador plan to build a joint-venture 300,000-bpd refinery on Ecuador's Pacific coast. Ecuadorean Energy and Mines Minister Galo Chiriboga said the project will include a petrochemical ..

HP Construction: Europe
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

M. W. Kellogg Ltd. (MWKL) has a contract to provide detailed engineering and procurement services for a coker revamp project at StatoilHydro's Mongstad refinery near Bergen, Norway. The project will ..

HP Construction: Middle East
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

BILLY THINNES, News Editor       Comments? Write: BT@HydrocarbonProcessing.com ConocoPhillips and Abu Dhabi National Oil Co...

HP Construction: Asia-Pacific
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

Sinopec and Kuwait Petroleum Corp. have an agreement to construct a 10 million-tpy refinery and chemical complex in Nansha, China. The complex is expected to be built with a proposed investment of $7..

Free Literature

Climate change Viewpoint reaction In the July 2008 issue (p. 21), Hydrocarbon Processing Editor Les Kane wrote a Viewpoint editorial titled, "Climate change and computer models." What follows is a sa..

HP In Brief: HPIn Brief
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

Global policies constrain oil supply The world will experience a serious oil supply crunch within 5 to 10 years unless there is a collapse in oil d..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Rapid gains in US natural gas supply are likely, counters report
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

A comprehensive research study by the American Clean Skies Foundation (ACSF) and Navigant Consulting, Inc. indicates that the US has 2,247 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas reserves. This amoun..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Help in developing a lessons-learned database
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

Many organizations in the engineering and construction industry recognize the importance of a lessons-learned program (LLP), which plays an essential role in knowledge management systems. In such orga..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Plant construction activity stays elevated worldwide
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

The number of projects reported in the HPI Construction Boxscore continues to reach new highs. Projects increased by 12% from 2007 levels to total 5,029. This increase occurred despite increasing worr..

HP Impact: HPImpact: International deals bolster role of Russia's state oil major

At a time when rising energy demand is generating fears of sky-high prices, a supply crunch or both—and when a military conflict has directed the world's focus on Russia—the activities of ..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Think tank proposes strategies to ensure global energy security
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

A new report released by Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy suggests strategies to deal with the current turmoil in the global energy markets, including the role of petrodollars in t..


LNG measurement with ultrasonic flowmeters

ALLEN AVERY, Contributing editor       Comments? Write: editorial@HydrocarbonProcessing.com Natural gas (NG) has become an important part of the ener..

Consider upgrading pyrolysis oils into renewable fuels
National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Bain, R.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Elliott, D.
UOP LLC: Holmgren, J.
UOP A Honeywell Company: Marinangeli, R.  |  Nair, P.

New research is identifying processing routes to convert cellulosic biomass into transportation fuels

Use modeling to fine-tune cracking operations
CEPSA: Llanes, J. M.  |  Miranda, M.
AspenTech: Mullick, S.

Spanish refiner uses next-generation simulation tools to cost-effectively select new catalysts