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Re-refining Plant by Sequoia operational in Galicia Spain

Intacta, PMA and Sequoia are pleased to announce successful startup of a vacuum distillation plant in Galicia, Spain. The plant is capable of processing fifty metric tons per day of waste lubricating oil and waste fuels. It will produce distilled lube base stocks and fuels for sale. The residue is also a saleable product in the bitumen market. The plant produces no solid or liquid waste.

The plant consists of three evaporation steps, each successively higher in vacuum and temperature. Each step has specially-designed evaporation equipment and process-scheme, appropriate for the condition used in the step. These include Sequoia’s proprietary long-tube vertical evaporator and a short-path wiped film evaporator. Sequoia designed, specified, and supplied all the process equipment for the plant.

Sequoia shipped partially assembled modules to Spain from India. Intacta installed the Sequoia equipment and integrated the plant with the necessary ancillary systems and tanks.

PMA will own and operate the plant with Intacta’s daily operational support. Sequoia continues to provide technical support. PMA and Intacta will explore with Sequoia’s help new projects to further expand the facility and improve its recycling operations in Spain.

Cristobal Piñón , Business Development Manager of Intacta said: “ It was a long and hard work, but we are proud of the result. This project marked a before and after in the position of the company in the field of waste oil management.”

Antonio Roncero, Managing Director of PMA said: “As part of the property I would like to thank Intacta and Sequoia for the work, their support and effort. I would like to thank David and Roberto, as part of the PMA team, for their perseverance and good job since the very beginning of the project.

Rohit Joshi, managing director of Sequoia Global said: “We began work on this project in the middle of the covid pandemic. We are proud to have completed our work on time despite the many hurdles with supply-chains for different components. We supported the client during commissioning last year while we faced challenges with International travel. Of course, this would not have been possible without support from Montse, Andrés and the entire Intacta team.”

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