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Honeywell Engine using 100% SAF successfully tested on Embraer business jet

Honeywell announced today that Embraer has successfully tested Honeywell's HTF7500 turbofan engine on its Praetor 600 aircraft using 100% SAF. The test marks a major milestone, as this is the first time 100% SAF has been flown in Honeywell's business jet engines.

The test, with one engine using 100% SAF and the other using traditional jet fuel, was performed at the Embraer campus in Melbourne, Florida, and provided new insights into how the engine performs when utilizing a 100% SAF formulation. It successfully demonstrated that the HTF7500 engine running on 100% SAF performed just as flawlessly as when running on traditional jet fuel.

"We are pleased to be creating a more sustainable future for aviation with industry leaders like Embraer," said Dave Marinick, president, Engines and Power Systems, Honeywell Aerospace. "This testing milestone with our engine demonstrates the viability of SAF for Embraer and the overall aviation industry, as they work to meet carbon reduction commitments. Additionally, as we develop SAF solutions, we will be using these innovations in our own engines and APUs."

Honeywell's HTF7500 engine powers both the Embraer Praetor 600 and Praetor 500 aircraft models. The engine brings a combination of best-in-class dispatch reliability and a relentless focus on reducing noise and improving fuel efficiency.

Honeywell is a global leader in SAF and offers a suite of technologies to create fuels with reduced or zero emissions. More than 40 Honeywell Ecofining™ licenses have been issued to date to produce SAF, and roughly 60% of Honeywell's 2022 new product research and development investment was directed toward ESG-oriented outcomes.

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