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Fiske, T.

ARC Advisory Group, Dedham, Massachusetts

HP Integration Strategies: Optimizing asset effectiveness through performance monitoring

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

For enterprises in the process industries, the value-added in manufacturing happens to be the cornerstone of business performance. As such, optimizing asset effectiveness is at the forefront of today'..

HP Integration Strategies: Performance intelligence empowers performance management

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.  |  Woll, D.

For too long, automation resources have focused on manufacturing assets. Yet arguably a corporation's most valuable assets are its people. Companies that support a collaborative environment and share ..

HP Integration Strategies: Real-time performance management unlocks hidden value in assets

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

One of manufacturers' most critical challenges lies in efficiently deploying assets and resources so that plants can promptly respond to planned and unplanned events. Agility and flexib..

HP Integration Strategies: OpX requires strong automation-based strategy

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

Today, more than ever, process manufacturers must achieve operational excellence (OpX) to deal with intensifying global competition, weakening economies, industry consolidation, stricte..

HP Control: Moving beyond steady-state optimization

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

Process optimization is one of the fastest growing technologies in the automation industry because of its ability to tightly link a company's business and economic objectives to its ope..

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