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Fiske, T.

ARC Advisory Group, Dedham, Massachusetts

HP Integration Strategies: Process engineering tools drive efficiency improvements

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

The process engineering tools (PET) market consists of two major segments of software products that play a critical role in designing, creating, commissioning, and operating plants and related assets...

HP Integration Strategies: Critical condition monitoring and prevention

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

TOM FISKE, Contributing editor       Comments? Write: editorial@HydrocarbonProcessing.com Critical conditions emanate f..

HP Integration Strategies: Benefits of dynamic simulation for operator training

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

The use of dynamic simulation to check out and validate process automation systems, perform software acceptance tests and train operators provides numerous benefits to companies in the process industr..

HP Integration Strategies: Automation change management risks and benefits

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

Competing in the process industries requires highly effective use of assets. An automation system is an essential ingredient of effective and profitable production operations. Most plants use a dispar..

HP Integration Strategies: Engineering interoperability drives performance

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

Designing, operating and maintaining (DOM) an asset is a complex endeavor that consists of multiple distinct but interrelated phases, some of which are performed concurrently while others are done con..

HP Integration Strategies: Leveraging simulation to design, operate and maintain plants

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

A process plant goes through several distinct life cycle phases that include designing, building, commissioning, operating and maintaining the asset (Fig. 1). Each of these activities contributes to p..

HP Integration Strategies: Enhancing human performance through knowledge management

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

A convergence of business, automation and demographic workforce changes are catalyzing a new era of manufacturing. Until recently, a company's success relied heavily on individual knowledge scattered ..

HP Integration Strategies: Advanced process control for competitive advantage

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

In a recent ARC survey, users ranked APC as providing the best value among advanced automation solutions. Despite this affirmation, many manufacturers view APC as a commodity application that should b..

HP Integration Strategies: Collaboration between IT and operations leverages common technology and enhances performance

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.

For years, there has been a schism between IT departments and operations. This divide is a product of the different needs and uses of IT in the business and manufacturing environments, along with the ..

HP Integration Strategies: Unifying operations to improve business performance

ARC Advisory Group: Fiske, T.  |  Woll, D.

Leading manufacturers are shifting focus from production-driven manufacturing to a business-centric approach that concentrates on improving operations and profits. This requires increased agility and ..

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