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Eshaghi, M.

Contributing Author, Tehran, Iran

Mohsen Eshaghi leads the rotary department of a company that manufactures API-compliant compressor packages. He has 8 yr of experience in research, design and construction in oil and gas industry projects. He is a lecturer of machinery courses and has authored articles about field operations and maintenance of API-compliant compressors. Eshaghi earned B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in mechanical engineering. The author can be reached at mohsen.eshaghi.job@gmail.com.

Control reciprocating compressor pressure pulsations to ensure long-term operational reliability

Contributing Author: Eshaghi, M.
Consultant: Perez, R. X.

Reciprocating compressors receive and deliver gas in discrete slugs (or pulses) as the pistons move back and forth.

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