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Garcia, I.

Contributing Author, Houston, Texas

Israel Garcia graduated from the University of Cienfuegos, Cuba, with an MS degree in mechanical engineering. Rodriguez has been attached to the mechanical engineering faculty of that university since 1985 as a Professor in fluid mechanics, heat transfer and science materials. Garcia has more than 30 yr of industrial experience in chemical plants and power stations, and has presented several papers on the design of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and piping systems. He now works as a Consulting Engineer in Houston, Texas. The author can be reached at isgaro47@gmail.com.

Directly calculate pipe diameters through valves and fittings under a turbulent flow regime

Contributing Author: Garcia, I.
Kuraray America Pasadena: Garcia, A.

Calculating pipe diameters through long, straight pipes is executed in classic fluid flow problems using traditional trial-and-error methods or by complex equations.

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