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Kim, J. S.

Covestro, Baytown, Texas

Jung Seob Kim is a Principal Pressure Safety Engineer at Covestro. He has more than 35 yr of experience in different roles within the petrochemical industry, including with ioMosaic, SK E&C USA, Bayer Technology Services, Samsung BP Chemicals and Samsung Engineering. He holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of Seoul. He is a member of AIChE, and is a registered professional engineer in Texas.

A simplified dynamic approach for storage tank thermal inbreathing rates

Covestro: Kim, J. S.  |  Haines, R. J.
Bechtel: Lopez, J. P.

Storage tanks that experience sudden heavy rain on what was a hot sunny day can be damaged due to inadequate venting devices.

Use a simple vapor equation for sizing two-phase pressure relief valves

Covestro: Kim, J. S.  |  Li, P.  |  Haines, R. J.
Bechtel: Lopez, J. P.

Pressure relief valves (PRVs) protect process equipment from the hazards of excessive over-pressure.

Vapor velocity guidelines for horizontal flare knockout drums

Covestro: Kim, J. S.  |  Dunsheath, H. J.
Bechtel: Lopez, J. P.

Flare knockout (KO) drums are important components of effluent handling systems.

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