Kamphus, M.

Emerson Automation Solutions, Hasselroth, Germany

Michael Kamphus is the Global Product Manager for Emerson’s Rosemount process gas analyzers. He holds a PhD in chemistry from Bielefeld University in Germany, and has several years of experience as an industrial process gas analysis application engineer. Dr. Kamphus is a member of the German section of the Combustion Institute and the Process Analytics Working Group for the German Chemical Society.

Selecting the right gas analyzer to optimize monitoring of NOx and other emissions

Kamphus, M., Emerson Automation Solutions; Williams, K., Emerson

Combustion processes of all types generate emissions of one kind or another.

Optimal gas analysis decisions improve ethylene plant operation

Kamphus, M., McMillen, D., Emerson Automation Solutions

One of the most common and important building blocks in the petrochemical industry is ethylene, constituting a huge and fast-growing worldwide industry. Ethylene is an intermediate chemical used to manufacture many commercial products—approximately 200 MMt will be produced in 2020.