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Aull, R.

Richard Aull Consulting, Reading, Pennsylvania

Richard J. Aull is an Engineering Consultant with more than 40 yr of industry experience in cooling tower thermal design, and performance rating and analysis. Prior to his consulting work, he directed the application engineering and research and development activities for the Cooling Tower Products Group of Brentwood Industries. Prior to joining Brentwood, he held a variety of engineering positions within Research Cottrell’s Hamon Cooling Tower Division and Ecodyne’s Cooling Tower Services Group, specializing in acquiring and managing cooling tower thermal and structural upgrades, as well as in the testing of cooling towers and the development of cooling tower rating software for in-house use. Mr. Aull earned BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Cooling tower heat transfer basics—Part 3

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Richard Aull Consulting: Aull, R.

Refineries, chemical plants and numerous other industrial facilities utilize open recirculating cooling systems equipped with cooling towers for cooling in scores of heat exchangers.

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