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Pipithvittaya, N.

Star Petroleum Refining Public Co. Ltd., Rayong, Thailand

is a Refinery Planner at Star Petroleum Refining Public Co. Ltd. in Rayong, Thailand. She focuses on short-term planning and process optimization. Ms. Pipithvittaya began her career at Dialog Systems Ltd. in Thailand, as a technical sales engineer supporting customers on catalyst and absorbent products. She then moved to SPRC. She has held roles as a process engineer for utility systems, the naphtha hydrotreating unit and the Platforming unit, providing technical and engineering assistance to develop and apply new practices to improve plant reliability, safety, productivity and troubleshooting. She earned a BS degree in chemical technology and an MS degree in petrochemical technology from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Revamp results for CCR catalytic reforming unit with atmospheric regenerator

Honeywell UOP: Kniuksta, A.
Star Petroleum Refining Public Co. Ltd.: Piriyawiwatwong, W.  |  Pipithvittaya, N.

The reformate market is changing.

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