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September 1999


Process Technology

Overhaul process reactors
GTC Technology US, LLC: Gualy, R.  |  Dutta, S.

Several examples utilize a general model to optimize and speedup process upgrades


HP Control: Maximize control/information system benefits
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Kane, L.

This year's Control and Information System's Handbook includes many new entries and players. Comparing the '95, '97 and current Handbook, we are reminded of past pitfalls as well as new trends. Max..

HP Reliability: Pursue a comprehensive infrared condition monitoring strategy
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

The best reliability-based condition monitoring programs begin small and expand as needed to cover the plant thoroughly. A thermography program normally begins with the electrical system. This applica..

HPInternet: National Technical Information Service
Competitive Analysis Technologies: Crowley, B.

Normally, I don't recommend Web sites that I know will soon be shut down, but this is an exception (http://www.ntis.gov/). So hurry. The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) is a part of t..

HP Insight: More disappointments in 1999
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Romanow, Stephany

Findings by EPA's Blue Ribbon Panel on oxygenates offer refiners a mixed bag of options. This panel met over a six-month period to investigate air quality benefits and water quality concerns associate..

HPIn SHE: Sense and susceptibility*
ility Engineering: Whetton, Chris

I've just come to the end of a major analysis1 of Year 2000 (Y2K) problems affecting the oil and gas industries in the Ex-communist Countries of Eastern and Central Europe (ECECE). Actually, we intend..

HPInformer: HPInformer, North America edition
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Stephens, F. P.

ABB Automation, Inc., Houston, Texas, a division of ABB, has signed a three-year strategic alliance agreement with Tesoro Hawaii Corp., Honolulu, Hawaii. This alliance will form the basis for a long-t..

HPInformer: HPInformer, International edition
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Stephens, F. P.

The Technip Group, Houston, Texas, has acquired The KTI Group, Mannesman. This includes U.S. operations of KTI Corp. and KTI Fish Inc. The U.S. operations are consolidated and will operate under the n..

HP Construction: HPIn Construction
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Stephens, F. P.

HOVENSA awards Jacobs major contract Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary Jacobs Pan-American Corp., has been awarded key maintenance activities at the HOVENSA refiner..

HP In Brief: HPIn Brief
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

World chemical production in 1998 rose to $1.5 trillion. Western Europe has the largest share at 35%; North America's is 29%. According to data from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, ..

HP Impact: HPImpact: New merger creates global polymers giant
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

The Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Michigan, and Union Carbide Corp., Danbury, Connecticut, have made a merger agreement. Under the terms, Union Carbide Corp. (UCC) shareholders will receive 0.537 shares ..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Help for air quality measurements
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

A new database from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) helps measure airborne pollutants with greater accuracy. The Quantitative Infrared Database has been designed to calibrate..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Major ECC projects valued at $50 billion
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

The value of major projects run by international contracting and engineering companies in refining, petrochemicals/ plastics and gas processing amounts to about $50 billion/yr. This figure, however, i..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Is the mentoring idea making a comeback?
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

In the past, companies often had the "luxury" of assigning new hires an experienced "old hand" to guide them through the corporate structure. This person, a mentor, would help the employee grow profes..

HP Impact: HPImpact: U.S. air quality: it has improved along with the economy
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

A new study on air quality in the U.S. shows that the nation has made dramatic progress reducing emissions that pollute the air. That progress is expected to continue well into the next century. Betwe..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Clean fuels may pose problem for EU refiners
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

   TABLE 3. Gasoline and diesel specifications from AO1    ..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Global polyolefins demand to grow 6-9%
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

The polyolefins outlook and several key aspects of the polyolefins business are reviewed in a recent analysis from CMAI, Houston, Texas. Highlights from the study follow. Polyolefins represent a la..


American Petroleum Institute (API): Martin, K.

Are we ready for Y2K? Americans are asking that question as the millennium rollover approaches. They want to know whether computer gridlock is at hand – or just a bump along cyber boulevard. M..