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July 2003


Special Report: Plant Utilities/Heat Transfer

Consider validating process data to develop realistic hydrogen balances
Jacobs Consultancy Nederland B.V.: Kerkhof, F.  |  Sentjens, J.

With accurate information, refiners can apply new assessment tools to fine-tune plant networks

Flue gas analysis - a storehouse of information
Haldia Refinery, Inidan Oil Corp.: Ghosh, R. K.

Here's a step-by-step procedure to determine heater performance

How emissions affect HRSGs
Consultant: Ganapathy, V.

Here’s how NOx and CO control methods influence designs

Instrumentation/Plant Optimization

Crude oil blend scheduling optimization: an application with multimillion dollar benefits – Part 2
Emerson Process Management: Manley, F.
FS-Elliott: Kelley, A.

The ability to schedule the crude oil blendshop more effectively provides substantial downstream benefits

Maintenance and Reliability

Dealing with deceptive failure modes
Flint Hills Resources, L.P.: Bloch, K.

Chemical failure mechanisms can disguise themselves as mechanical and vice versa

Management Guidelines

Facilitate effective communications in a project environment Fig 1
Saudi Basic Industries Corp.: Khan, A.

 Fig. 1   A typical organization chart d..

Facilitate effective communications in a project environment
Saudi Basic Industries Corp.: Khan, A.

Proper planning provides a stable platform for success

Process Optimization

Glycol dehydration
Parsons International Ltd.: Eskaros, M.

Proper adjustments will reduce initial investments and operating costs

Process Technology

Electrical distribution system voltage selection
FWI-Foster Wheeler Italiana: Brambilla, R.  |  Invernizzi, G.  |  Lionetto, P.

Use these guidelines to determine the most economical solution

Are you handling sulfur safely?
Amine Best Practices Group: Amine Best Practices Group

Through open and frank discussions, refiners and industry consultants endeavor to resolve problems and questions commonly encountered with sulfur recovery units


HP Reliability: Ask manufacturers to upgrade component life
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

Chances are you are working with some equipment and component suppliers that see no reason to offer you upgraded components. As an example, your seal vendor may be among those that are ..

HP Automation Safety: Using the safety life cycle
exida LLC: Goble, W.

IEC 61511, Functional safety: Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector, was recently released and is available on the IEC Website (www.iec.ch). This standard is well ..

HP Integration Strategies: Leverage LIMS intelligence to improve OpX
ARC Advisory Group: Chin, W.

Global turmoil, uncertainty in the economy and low business confidence are reducing consumer demand for products - resulting in excess capacity across virtually every industrial sector...

HPIn Europe: Refiners more than face up to emission responsibilities
European Refining & Marketing: Pitt, R.

It is well acknowledged, certainly in the developed world and probably among many emerging nations, that the need for industry to heed its responsibilities with regard to greenhouse emi..

HP Innovations: HPInnovations

New company transforms HPI ideas into reality Bayer AG has established a global service provider company. The new company, Bayer Technology Services GmbH (BTS), is founded on the parent..

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Jackson, Kim M.

Software solutions licensed Quorum Business Solutions, Inc. (Quorum), Houston, Texas, has an agreement with Mustang Gas Products, LLC (Mustang), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to license, implemen..

New Developments

Tools to identify and control process information FieldSense, an intelligent solution for field system life cycle management, includes FieldCare software, ND9000 intelligent valve contr..

HP Construction: North America
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Jackson, Kim M.

Air Liquide is supplying hydrogen and steam to Chevron Products Co. The new production facility will produce up to 90 million cfd of hydrogen to supply its El Segundo, California, refin..

HP Construction: Middle East
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Jackson, Kim M.

Air Liquide is supplying a turnkey helium extraction, purification and liquefaction plant to two Qatari natural gas companies. Under a second long-term contract, Air Liquide will purcha..

HP Construction: Africa
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Jackson, Kim M.

A joint venture made up of Technip-Coflexip, Saipem and Stolt Offshore, in a consortium with Samsung H.I. and Daewoo SME, has a lump sum turnkey contract with TotalFinaElf E&P Angola. T..

HP Construction: Europe
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Jackson, Kim M.

AMEC plc has a three-year framework agreement with NIS, the Serbian state-owned oil company, and will provide project management and engineering services at the Novi Sad Refinery. Work ..

HP Construction: AsiaPacific
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Jackson, Kim M.

Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. N.V. (CBI) has a contract with Vopak Shanghai Logistics Co., Ltd. to design and build a liquid butane storage facility at the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park..

Free Literature

Flaw detector offers viewing in direct sunlight Agfa NDT Inc.'s four-page brochure describes the Krautkramer USN 58L portable ultrasonic flaw detector with color transreflective LCD, fa..

HP In Brief: HPIn Brief
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

  News of note from NPRA In 2002, ..

HP Impact: Strategies needed to rebuild weakened ECC industry
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

In business, it is not the nature of the challenge that is important but the quality of the response to the challenge. Aiming to identify needed responses, a new study from Transmar Con..

HP Impact: Price volatility level increasing in natural gas market
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

High natural gas prices get a lot of attention, but an equally important factor to watch closely is the volatility of the market. In the last few years it has increased substantially, s..

HP Impact: Japanese refiners advancing to 10-ppm specifications
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

Japanese oil companies have been accelerating their investment plans to prepare themselves for the next set of stringent specification regulations - 10-ppm for gasoline and gasoil - whi..

HP Impact: Polymerization catalyst demand in US forecast to expand 5.7%/yr
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

The US market for polymerization catalysts is forecast to expand 5.7%/yr through 2007, reaching $1.1 billion. So says a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based indus..

HP Impact: Single US light vehicle contains $2,000 of chemical products
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

The health of the light vehicle industry (automobiles, light-duty trucks, vans and sports utility vehicles) and the US economy are dynamically interrelated. The light vehicle industry c..

HP Impact: Best available HPI technology featured at triennial show
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Weirauch, Wendy

ACHEMA 2003 remains a premier international exhibition and conference for all segments of the chemical industry. This global forum - held May 19 - 23 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany - wit..

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Purposeful specifications I found "HPIn Reliability" (Dec. 2002, p. 13) of personal interest. I thought what H. P. Bloch said was timely, important and worth repeating until the industry fina..


Mixing beliefs with facts produces poor policy
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Romanow, Stephany

Ah, it is summer time. Many consumers are venturing out on holiday; thus, we are entering the peak of the driving season. In the US, much attention is now focused on gasoline pricing an..