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Brajkovich, J.

ABB, Cleveland, Ohio

John Brajkovich is the Operations Manager of the U.S. Advanced Services group at ABB. He has more than 10 yr of experience in OT. Mr. Brajkovich oversees a team of engineers that deliver a wide range of services, including process optimization, system performance optimization and cybersecurity. Outside of supporting solutions, Mr. Brajkovich is also involved in consultative efforts in corporate security control frameworks and emergency procedures for OT cybersecurity breaches. His background in industrial control systems is an asset for cybersecurity working alongside IT.

Pay attention: LockerGoga and Trisis/Triton demand an improved cybersecurity strategy

The need for a solid cybersecurity strategy has been discussed and debated for nearly half a century. However, the basic worm-type attacks first documented in 1972 are still with us today. Why? The reason is because even the most basic measures to protect control systems from these types of attacks are still not systematically employed.

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