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Cohen, G.

Imubit, Houston, Texas

Gil Cohen is the CEO and Co-founder of Imubit. He has led Imubit’s product development and market adoption by leading global refining and petrochemical operators. Prior to Imubit, Mr. Cohen founded and led Cigol, a leading provider of data center system-on-chip network security solutions. He has published several academic papers on ML and has more than 20 yr of experience in developing new algorithms and applying them on previously unsolved problems in various industries. Mr. Cohen earned BSc and MSc degrees in electrical engineering, as well as a BSc degree in mathematics, all cum laude, from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.

Executive Viewpoint: Interconnected neural networks drive breakthrough optimization

Imubit: Cohen, G.

We have all learned that technology alone will not improve our operations.

Unlock margin by interconnecting refinery optimization silos with closed-loop AI

Imubit: Cohen, G.

Refineries and chemical processing plants are complicated to model, control and optimize.

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