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Stuart, J.

Lloyd's Register,

Jim Stuart, Senior Vice President—Digital at Lloyd’s Register, outlines current and future challenges for asset owners and operators in the energy and marine industries and how technology will change the way knowledge is captured, stored and used across organizations for the better.

Roundtable: The skills gap: How to bridge it and how to close it

Airswift: Marx, J.
Lloyd's Register: Stuart, J.
Energy Jobline: Peet, H.

The skills gap is not a new phenomenon for the oil and gas sector. An aging workforce and increased competition for tomorrow’s technical talent have left the industry nervous about its future. On the heels of the 2019 Global Energy Talent Index (GETI), a panel of experts came together to discuss the sector’s ongoing struggle with the skills gap and what oil and gas/energy companies can do about it.

Viewpoint: Asset performance management: Into a new era of organizational memory

Lloyd's Register: Stuart, J.

It is often said that knowledge is power. But in high-risk sectors, such as the marine and oil and gas industries, knowledge is fundamental to even more important things: safety and reliability.

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