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Lin, T.-B.

Shin Chuang Technology Co. Ltd., Chia-Yi, Taiwan

Tzong-Bin Lin is the Scientific Consultant for Shin Chuang Technology Co. Ltd. He has more than 35 yr of experience in catalytic distillation and extractive distillation technology development, and holds 79 patents and 19 technical publications. Dr. Lin holds BS and MS degrees and a PhD in chemical engineering from National Cheng-Kung University in Taiwan.

Asphaltene removal technology produces novel cement waterproofing additive

Well Resources Inc.: Chung, W.
National Chia-Yi University: Lee, M.-T.
Shin Chuang Technology Co. Ltd.: Chen, C.-Y.  |  Chen, F.-P.  |  Lin, T.-B.

Addressing climate change and environmental issues has become a top priority in the 21st century.

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