Asia: India

The Indian economy has come a long way since the 1991 economic reforms. A decade and a half of economic reform and globalization is yielding returns that cut across all income groups. The domestic eco..

Asia: Japan

Yoneyama, M., IHS Markit

The Japanese economy showed steady recovery for 2003–2007. However, due to the global recession in late 2008, Japan’s GDP growth decreased to –1% in 2008 and to –5.5% in 2009. Due ..

Europe: United Kingdom

Eastwood, A., Economic Advisor, Chemical Industries Association (CIA)

The United Kingdom (UK) is Europe’s fourth largest chemical economy, after Germany, France and Italy. It accounts for 8% of the European Union’s (EU’s) $900 billion overall chemical pro..

Improve integration opportunities for aromatics units—Part 1

Vaidyanathan, S., Zhou, J., Fluor Enterprises, Inc.; Kapur, S., Apex PetroConsultants

An aromatics complex is a combination of processing units that can be used to convert petroleum naphtha and pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) into the basic petrochemical intermediates: benzene, toluene and ..

HP Viewpoint: Age of turbulence: Charting the refining course toward a profitable future

Ozmen, S. M., Shell Global Solutions International BV

High-performing enterprises draw on external expertise during all project phases, from scouting and front-end engineering and development through to operations.

HP Construction: Middle East

Meche, Helen, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Some of Maire Tecnimont S.p.A.’s subsidiaries have been awarded contracts totaling approximately €135 million for engineering, procurement and technology services.In Egypt, its subsidiary, T..

HP Impact: Chemical industry execs look to the future

Thinnes, Billy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Chemical industry executives plan to soon use the significant cash on their balance sheets to pursue strategic acquisitions and new product developments to spur company growth, according to a survey r..

HP Construction: Europe

Meche, Helen, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Clariant has inaugurated what is said to be Germany’s biggest pilot plant for producing climate-friendly cellulose ethanol from agricultural waste. Located in Straubing, Bavaria, and supported by..

HP Construction: Asia-Pacific

Meche, Helen, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Jilin Qianyuan Energy Development has selected Chemtex, along with Black & Veatch’s patented PRICO LNG technology, to deliver a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility. Expected to be complete..

Use a systematized approach of good practices in pygas hydrogenation via APC

APC with inferential modeling was successfully applied to pygas hydrogenation units. The lengthening of the catalyst run length limits downtime for both the pygas unit and upstream units such as the steam cracker.