Heat Transfer

Control fouling on preheat trains with a two-stage approach

Fouling in heat exchanger preheat trains is a well-known problem in the refining industry.

Alfa Laval to supply heat exchangers for Korean petrochemicals complex

The order comprises the delivery of Packinox heat exchangers which will recover energy in the production of mixed xylenes, ingredients in the manufacturing of synthetic nylons and PET bottles.

Mitigate vibration issues in shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Dole, R., Sridhar, S., Vivekanand, S., L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.

Heat exchanger tubes tend to vibrate when influenced by crossflow velocities.

HP Innovations

Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The FM-approved FireChek thermal shutoff valve with resettable memory shape alloy can now be used to automatically shut down a pneumatic control system when a nearby fire occurs, or when the ambient temperature reaches 135°F, 150°F or 165°F.

GEA Heat Exchangers changes company name to Kelvion

Due to a change of ownership, the company previously known as GEA Heat Exchangers says it is now ready to take on global competition under the name Kelvion.

HP Refining: Maintain plant production with temporary heat exchangers

Paes, A., Aggreko

Of all the process operations in a refinery or petrochemical plant, heating and cooling streams are perhaps the most pervasive.

HP Innovations

Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Ingersoll Rand debuted its TURBO-AIR NX 8000 integrally geared centrifugal compressor at the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia show in Houston, Texas in September.

Design pressure reduction in high-pressure heat exchangers with dynamic simulation

A commercial simulation tool is used to carry out the analysis of the transient phenomena caused by the tube rupture event during the design phase of an HP heat exchanger.

Rethink specifications for fired heaters

Malhotra, K., S & B Engineers and Constructors Ltd.

Fired heaters are essential and important major pieces of equipment in a process plant.

HP Innovations

Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

EGC Critical Components has announced its dures brand of materials, a new family of proprietary thermoplastic polymer composites developed specifically for the manufacture of bushings, bearings and wear rings in pumps handling a wide range of liquids, including those that contain solid matter.