Shackleford, A.

BASF, Houston, Texas

Alexis Shackleford is the Technical Service Specialist for BASF. She is involved in FCC catalyst troubleshooting, technical service, publications, presentations and new product introduction, and has provided FCC research and development testing support. She joined BASF’s refining catalyst division in 2009. Prior to BASF, Ms. Shackleford worked at Shell Oil Co.’s Deer Park Refinery for 3 yr as a process engineer in various roles supporting projects and operations. She holds a BS in chemical engineering from Michigan State University.

Iron poisoning investigations enable opportunities for success

The function of fluid catalytic cracking units (FCCUs) is to maximize profits from a given barrel of oil.

Improve refining of tight oil via enhanced fluid catalytic cracking catalysts

Crude oils from tight formations are relatively light, low in concarbon, and contain different contaminants. They have high naphtha and distillate yields, lower vacuum gasoil (VGO) content and almost ..