Environment & Safety Gas Processing/LNG Maintenance & Reliability Petrochemicals Process Control Process Optimization Project Management Refining

Turner, J.

Fluor, Sugar Land, Texas

HPI Focus: New vs. debottlenecking projects

Fluor: Turner, J.
SNC-Lavalin, Hydrocarbons & Chemicals: Luck, G.
MVS Consulting LLC: Van Sickels, M. J.

As most owners do not have adequately skilled engineering teams to study these scenarios, engaging an experienced, qualified engineering contractor to support the conceptual study is often warranted.

What are the experiences gained from clean fuels projects?

Fluor: Haelsig, C-P.  |  Turner, J.

Early implementation of low-sulfur gasoline and diesel have yielded useful information for the next wave of projects in Europe

Consider revamping hydrotreaters to handle higher H2 partial pressures

Fluor: Turner, J.
Fluor Corp.: Reisdorf, M.

Most clean fuel programs will reuse existing equipment. A thorough review of pressure ratings can optimize design opportunities

Control corrosion in washwater systems

Fluor: Turner, J.

When operating reactor wash units above design conditions residual salts can cause equipment failures

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